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hang on, season 2 is not for now



We will have to be patient, season 2 of the Rings of Power will arrive in a few years.

On Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max, a battle is fought between two extremely popular productions. Rings of Power and House of the Dragon dominate SVOD platforms at the end of the year. But as the weeks pass, we are slowly but surely approaching the end of the season for the two current series. And for one of them, it will be necessary to wait before seeing her again.

It’s not tomorrow the day before that you will have an unpublished trailer for the second season of the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Indeed, the showrunners of the series have revealed that it will not be available before 2024 at least. It is in a report of The Hollowood Reporter that the two personalities spoke about the challenges of season 1, what we can expect from season 2 and especially when we can expect it.

Arming yourself with patience has never been more relevant

The conclusion is clear. If the second burst of episodes is well and truly underway on the production tracks, Patrick McKay says he wants to work on it “a few more years” before presenting it to the public. The appointment is therefore given, no offense to the impatient. I have to say that Rings of Power is strong with sublime sets and an impressive budget, so it is better that time is not counted in order to honor the franchise.

Despite everything, this is hard news for fans, who only rely on episodes 7 and 8 to conclude this rather short, but dense first season. However, the showrunners want to be reassuring and predict that the second season will be “bigger and better […] at all levels… by an order of magnitude“. If it costs considerably less to produce than the first burst of episodes, it will remain no less grandiose.

During these two (minimum) years of waiting, fans will have plenty of time to think about the rest of the adventures of Galadriel and her gang, after a finale that should reveal to us the face that embodies the terrible Sauron.

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