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Harry Potter mobile games have amassed a veritable fortune



The magic of Hogwarts is having an effect on Muggles as the financial results of these smartphone games prove.

It is with a “Accio money!” than the games Harry Potter have just attracted a crazy amount of income. The specialized site SensorTower has just revealed the record results of titles inspired by the young wizard’s universe. It is through four different mobile applications that The Magic Franchise Just Hit The Significant Billion Dollar Mark. This absolutely astronomical data was also used by the Sensor Tower teams to analyze spending by platform and see the success of the license among different user groups.

Of the billion dollars earned by applications, these are iOS users who win the spending contest hands down. At $683 million, App Store users far exceed Google Play players and their $342.5 million. In the top three of the most spendthrift countries, the United States unsurprisingly finds itself at the top of the podium (375 million dollars), followed closely by China (324 million dollars) then by Germany (51.6 millions of dollars).

A gold mine worthy of Gringotts

The game Hogwarts Mystery has managed to raise no less than $400 million on its own since its release in 2018. Faced with such results, the Harry Potter madness on the video game side is not about to stop. Besides, a certain Hogwarts Legacy is slowly preparing its arrival on console and PC and promises to be a monstrous success. This is probably the most anticipated game of the moment and it should also break many records.

This will be the first large-scale experimentation of the Portkey Games label dedicated to the creation of Harry Potter games. The success ofHogwarts Legacy could sign a much greater future for the universe of the young wizard on console and PC. It’s not impossible to imagine sequels at different times, or even even bigger projects… After all, fans of the saga have been dreaming of a massively multiplayer game for a long time.

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