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Have you devoured Elden Ring? This other Souls-like is free until 5 p.m.!



Until today 5 p.m., Epic Games offers you Mortal Shell, a title that deserves to be tested by fans of the genre.

Elden Ring is a divisive game that disgusted some neophytes forever, but it also allowed some other novices to discover a passion for “Souls-like”. If you belong to this second category and are now looking for other comparable experiences, know of a good representative of the genre, Mortal Shellis currently free on the Epic Games Advent Calendar.

The game of Cold Symmetry is a punishing and demanding RPG set in a world that smacks of ruin and despair. Visually, we immediately understand where the title draws its inspiration. The game is also aesthetically coherent and, let’s face it, rather successful; even if the artistic direction remains far from what the band offers to Miyazaki, it is worth saluting the modeling and animation work of this small team.

And the filiation with Dark Souls don’t stop there. As in the saga signed FromSoftware, the narration is extremely sparse, and the player will have to provide some investment effort to untangle the threads of this universe. Too bad that unlike the games that have defined this video game niche, the story often seems too generic and superficial to really captivate the player.

As for the main attraction of any Souls-like, namely the fights and in particular those against the bosses, the conclusion is much the same. All the codes of the genre are present… and even a little too much. Because by wanting to emulate its illustrious predecessor, Mortal Shell sometimes lacks a bit of originality and variety. But the sensations are still there, and the fans will take their marks quite quickly.

Free on the Epic Games Store, but not for long

So don’t expect a masterpiece of the caliber of Dark Souls III Where Elden Ring. But since it is free, fans of the genre would be wrong to deprive themselves! At worst, you won’t enjoy the experience and turn around pretty quickly; but if not, you could offer yourself a big ten hours of challenge on a game that is worth a look. And if the mayonnaise takes, you can also treat yourself to the right DLC The Virtuous Cycle for the modest sum of €3.99.

Mortal Shell is available for free on the Epic Games Store until today 5 p.m.

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