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He makes Doom work within Doom



It’s the ultimate hack, the one that buries all other hacks. An ingenious handyman has indeed found a way to play Doom…within Doom! A feat that can be replicated at home.

Doom is the game of choice for hackers who use iD Software’s FPS to prove their worth. We have seen the title work on a scientific calculator powered by rotten potatoes, on a Game & Watch, and even on a pregnancy test! Installing Doom on anything (as long as there’s a screen on it) is a hacker’s moment of glory.

Doom Inception

But kgsws took it a step further, signing off on perhaps the ultimate hack: making Doom work within Doom. The circle is complete ! The youtubeur details his recipe in a video of about fifteen minutes, where he presents the project and implements it.

Technically, kgsws relies on a flaw in the DOS version of Doom II, the sequel released a year after the original game. This flaw allowed him to project against a (virtual) wall the “Chocolate” version of Doom, a modern port of the title compatible with its DOS version (it is also called Vanilla Doom on occasion).

In Doom II, Doom works as an animated texture. History to go to the end of the concept, the hacker has created a special map in which the player walks in a cinema. And we obviously project Doom! He didn’t stop there either, since he also adapted the Heretic game in the same way.

The hack, which still requires strong computer skills, is available on GitHub for amateurs. It will also be necessary to have a version of Doom II, which can be recovered on Steam, as well as a PC powerful enough to run the two games… Finally, it is a way of speaking. kgsws indeed explains that you need at least 16 MB of RAM to have free rein, which will not scare any modern computer.

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