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He sets the Super Mario 64 speedrun record on drums



The N64 controller has become a video game legend perhaps not for the best reasons: its very particular ergonomics required a lot of training from Nintendo console players. But since it was probably too easy to play Super Mario 64 with a controller, this streamer simply chose to play it… with a battery! And he set an incredible record.

Super Mario 64 defined a genre, that of the 3D platform game. In 1996, it was a hell of a bet for Nintendo, but the result was such that it earned its stripes as a cult game and a model to follow (Nintendo has done much better since then). The game has also become a darling on the speedrunning scene, with a record set a few weeks ago: 16 stars were collected in 14 minutes and 41 seconds. But that was with a normal controller.

An incredible performance on the drums

Streamer CZR decided that playing Super Mario 64 with a controller was too easy. That’s why he took out his battery to control Mario in the game, and he challenged himself to finish the title in less than 20 minutes! After training for more than two years, CZR finally reached his goal: thanks to his battery, he finished Super Mario 64 in 19 minutes and 48 seconds, with the 16 stars of course.

The video (about twenty minutes long) is worth a look, obviously for the quality of the tour, but also… for the soundtrack, which sounds like a somewhat crazy solo. CZR’s dexterity is particularly impressive in the most delicate passages of the game. He does it wonderfully, better than with a controller!

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