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heaps of buttons in an ultralight chassis



If you are one of those people who are always in lack of buttons on their mouse, SteelSeries now has something for you.

In the world of computing and gaming where raw performance is often in the spotlight, the mouse remains a true bastion of subjectivity. Heavy, light, symmetrical, bevelled, modular or not, everyone has their preferences and there is something for every taste and every use on the market. Today, it’s Steelseries’ turn to offer two new niche models for those who still lack buttons.

Future buyers who already know the brand will be pleased to find the characteristic honeycomb chassis of the Aerox range. And there’s no need to worry about durability; despite these holes, all internal circuits are rated IP54 and are therefore protected against water and dust.

Functionally, they are a bit different from the refined models calibrated for precision, such as the G series from Logitech. With its new Aerox 5 and 9, the objective is above all to allow the player to access a slew of different spells or actions without additional movement.

This philosophy is concretized by the presence of many programmable buttons on the interior face of the mouse; the thumb thus has access to a large number of options which will save you as much back and forth on the keyboard or in the menus. The exact number will depend on the model chosen.

Aerox 5: an ultra-light and versatile compromise

The first model, the Aerox 5, is entitled to a total of 9 programmable switches, including 5 dedicated buttons on the inside face. With just 66g on the scale, it is also very light for a general-purpose mouse of this type. Finally, this Aerox 5 is equipped with the proprietary TrueMove Air sensor, PTFE Glide pads for optimal glide, and Steelseries’ in-house Golden Micro switches.

This model is available on the SteelSeries website for 89.99€.

Note that there is also a wireless version based on Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology. It’s a 2.4 GHz connection presented as ultra-fast and which should allow you to play with negligible latency, almost comparable to that of a standard wired mouse. We also note that it is possible to connect to more devices thanks to the support for Bluetooth 5.0.

Battery level, Steelseries claims 180 hours of battery life on this model. The manufacturer also announces support for fast charging, with 40 hours of play recovered in 15 minutes of charging.

This model is available on the SteelSeries website for €149.99.

© SteelSeries

Aerox 9: all your grimoire at your fingertips

But if this device is not enough for you and you absolutely need to have access to even more options at all times, never mind. This is precisely the raison d’être of the Aerox 9, which has a veritable wall of… 12 programmable buttons on its internal face, for a total of 18 switches.

SteelSeries managed to cram them into a standard Aerox chassis without increasing its overall size too much, which is rare enough to be underlined and very much appreciated. It also means that it will probably take some practice to get comfortable with these buttons, but those familiar with these models already know what to expect.

Of course, this Aerox 9 is also a little heavier than its little sister. But at 89 grams, it’s still significantly lighter than most mice with so many buttons. In addition, it benefits from all the proprietary technologies already present on the Aerox 5. It thus has the TrueMove Air sensor, Golden Micro switches and PTFE Glide pads.

This model only exists in a Wireless version, and boasts exactly the same specifications as the Aerox 5. We again find 180 hours of battery life and an ultra-fast Quantum 2.0 connection. It is available on the SteelSeries website for €159.99.

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