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here are the best video games for family fun



As the holiday season approaches, gather the whole family around the sofa with these perfect games to entertain young and old.

The first scents of winter are felt: negative temperatures are setting in, the snow is starting to fall… There is not long left before the end of year celebrations and the transition to 2023. During this period of festivities, the families and friends come together to celebrate a busy twelve months and launch the next ones as they should be. Once the loved ones arrive home, there is nothing left to do but have a good time between the usual and inevitable quarrels. After all, what would a family reunion be without the little tensions?

But once everyone is ready to have fun, it’s time to find the right activities. We have already concocted a selection of atmospheric board games for you, but some of you may prefer to turn to a console and the TV. Controller in hand, an infinity of experiences are available to the player. In this ocean of titles are some nuggets perfectly suited to group gaming moments. Here are five video games that will spice up your end-of-year meetings.

The Jackbox Party Starter

Ambiance game, party game, comedy. Available on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

Long remained niche titles reserved for English-speaking players, the Jackbox Games are finally exported to us in a fully localized version. Usually released as five-experience packs, the studio offers a “light” version with three of their best party games. The console acts as a game master, while the guests participate using their smartphones or a tablet.

In the Jackbox Party Starter, you can find three completely different games. The regulars of Limit Limit and White Eat Coco will be able to take pleasure in developing the most offbeat and trashy answers in Quiplash 3. In Murder Party Trivia, Question pour un Champion takes on the air of a horror film with a general culture quiz like no other. Finally, Tee KO will draw on your artistic fiber to design the most original t-shirts (and what’s more, you can order them at the end!). With Jackbox, all you have to do is launch the game, pull out the smartphones, and you’re off to a good start.

Let’s Sing 2023 French and International Hits

A karaoke in the heart of the living room. Available on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

Those nostalgic for singstar will be able to break the eardrums of their loved ones with Let’s Sing 2023. Nothing better than a game like this to push the song on the hits of the moment or before. Sold alone or in a pack with microphones if you don’t already have one, all you have to do is insert the game into your console to transform it into a karaoke machine. Small non-negligible bonus: the application Let’s Sing Microphone lets you use any Apple or Android smartphone as a singing tool compatible with the game. Not Bruno from the Disney Encanto.

In total, no less than forty songs await players. If you don’t like the playlist, but you already have the appropriate microphones, it is always possible to turn to the other variants of the game. Since October 2022, Let’s Sing ABBA is available on the same platforms. There is also a Let’s Sing Queen for Freddie Mercury fans, playable on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Just Dance 2023

Choreographies of all kinds on the hits of the moment. Available on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

You will understand, you just have to… dance. Forget this dubious joke and go wiggle with Just Dance 2023. This year, the franchise is taking a new direction to adapt to the current standards of the video game industry. The physical versions are no more than ancient history and give way to a launcher just dance unique. From now on, the license plays in the court of service games to offer scalable content in the same version for years to come. Every twelve months, players will be able to pay for the year’s pass which will give access to all the new songs, like the old physical versions.

In addition, Just Dance Unlimited is being replaced by Just Dance+, a new subscription system that will enrich the content of the game throughout the year. It’s the ultimate dance experience that Ubisoft is offering this year. With the purchase of 2023 content, you will be able to access songs such as Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce, MORE by KDA, Good Ones by Charli XCX and even Sissy That Walk by RuPaul (choreographed by Lolita Banana of Drag Race France). On the gameplay side, the game says goodbye to the Kinect and the PlayStation camera, only Switch players can continue to play with their controllers. Otherwise, you will need to download the Just Dance application on a smartphone to use it as a motion sensor.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Arcade-style football, objects galore and fights on the pitch. Available on Switch.

Disappointed with the World Cup result? Why not let off steam on some funnier football Mario Kart ? In Mario Strikers, the rules of the cult racing game apply to the round ball for extraordinary matches. Bananas, shells, bombs and super shots transform this classic sport into an absolutely enjoyable fight. In teams of four, the players compete on the field to score the most goals, and every shot is allowed. As we explained in our test, the game is nervous, fast, but also very demanding and competitive.

Even if it is possible to easily get into the bath with a group of friends or family, the most experienced players will be able to enjoy wild games that are always more technical. Pressing all the buttons worked like clockwork in the Gamecube version, but it’s going to take some thinking to do great things on Switch. Finally, Nintendo offers an alternative to Fifa which will satisfy young and old, and even those who don’t like football. Playable up to eight on the same console, that’s enough to bring everyone together around the sofa!

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Multiplayer adventure and platform. Available on PlayStation and PC.

To finish this selection, there’s nothing like a good platform game to share locally like in the good old days. After the series of Little Big Planet which will have delighted PlayStation players from the PS3 to the PS4, via the PSP and the PS Vita, the little Sackboy is far from having said his last word. His latest adventure has been available on PS4 and PS5 since November 2020 and on PC since October 2022. The 2D platform and level creation tools give way to a game that is reminiscent of Super Mario 3D World.

Up to four players can explore the Patchwork World to save it from the dastardly Vex. Imagination remains the cornerstone of this title which will transport little Sackboys into colorful worlds. There are snow-capped mountains, lush jungles, aquatic realms and even the infinity of outer space. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a must-have that will please both regulars of the genre and beginners. This one has already won the Best Family Game award at the BAFTAs, and there’s no doubt it’ll win the Best Game to Play Christmas in Your Heart award…

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