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here is a French nugget to test without further delay



We caught up with the developers at Shiro Games who told us about how important Dune Spice Wars is to the studio.

This year, the Xbox Game Pass has been full of incredible games, both on the side of big productions and independent titles. If we have often mentioned the fortnightly arrivals, there is a nugget that still deserves to be put in the spotlight. Dune Spice Wars and a 4x real-time strategy game developed by French studio Shiro Games.

Already available in Game Pass

Dune Spice Wars is a game centered on one of the key points of Frank Herbert’s work, namely the spice trade. On the planet Arrakis, spice is a rare commodity necessary for the proper functioning of all technological equipment in this futuristic world. This is why it is highly sought after, and disputed by many clans and tribes within the galaxy.

So you choose at the beginning of the game which family you want to belong to among the 5 different classes : House Atreides, House Harkonnen, Fremen, Smugglers and Imperial House Corrino. You will find in game many characters directly from the books duneas well as the overall design established by Denis Villeneuve’s 2021 film.

I have to say that Dune Spice Wars is a game made by enthusiasts. Nicolas Cannasse, the president of Shiro Games, told us during Paris Games Week that the whole team is a fan of the universe, starting with him since he played a lot of first titles in the 1990s and read the book three times. Visually, Dune Spice Wars should not disappoint the most fans of the franchise since everything has been respected and validated by the heirs of Frank Herbert themselves.

We love its drawn charm which sometimes reminds us of productions such asArcane. Obviously, the heart of the title remains the strategy and on this side, Shiro Games takes advantage of its great experience after having developed Northgard or Wartales.

A boost for Shiro

Thanks to this release, the studio can now afford to embark on a new business. Shiro Games launches Shiro Limited, its branch dedicated to the publishing of third-party games, which will allow the company to acquire experience and a stronger influence internationally. When we asked him about it, Nicolas Cannasse said:

We still have a specificity compared to other listeners. It’s that in addition to being a classic publisher in which we will really finance, publish and do the marketing, we are also and above all a development studio. And so we’re going to see relationships from publisher to studio, but also from studio to studio in which we’ll be able to bring skills in artistic direction, game design, technique, according to the needs of the studios with which we have a partnership..”

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