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Here is a new Mario Kart clone that no one expected



Apple reserves a new racing game for its gaming subscription with an unexpected cast…

Who has never dreamed of driving a kart in the company ofamerican dad Where Peter Griffin of family guy ? How come no one ever thought of that? Well, it doesn’t matter, since this new project is indeed the last great addition to Apple’s gaming service.

The Apple Arcade subscription will offer from May 20 a new game called Warped Kart Racersa clone of Mario Kart based on the animated characters from 20th Century Fox (now owned by Disney).

While the idea of ​​playing a karting game with this character roster would probably never occur to most gamers, this one seems to hold up well. Indeed, the gameplay trailer reveals rather nice graphics and some maps that seem to have good fun potential.

This game will surely not compete with Mario Kart Tourbut it will certainly establish itself as a very good game in the Apple Arcade catalog.

A qualitative month of May

In addition to this very strange crossover project, Apple’s gaming service will receive three more games this month.

mobile games Badlands and Bad Land 2 will receive a sequel called badland party, taking up the platform gameplay of previous games by adding a multiplayer twist. You can have fun in local or online games starting May 6.

Darts fans will also be delighted to learn that a title dedicated to this bar game will be added to the service from May 27th. Pro Darts 2022 will be an opportunity to become an ace at the virtual version of this discipline if you never have any talent for aiming in the real world.

And in addition to all this already varied selection, the Apple Arcade subscription will also receive a cult game that caused a stir when it was released in 2014: Goat Simulator. If you still haven’t gotten tired of this silly game, you can now take this video game UFO everywhere with you.

As a reminder, a subscription to Apple Arcade will be yours 4.99€ per month and will give you access to more than 200 games on your iOS and iPadOS devices, including select titles available exclusively through this subscription.

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