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Hogwarts Legacy postponed again for some players



Players on PS4 and Xbox One will have to wait longer than expected to experience Hogwarts Legacy.

All fans ofHarry Potter are not housed in the same boat in the video game world. On February 10, players on PC and latest generation consoles were able to get their hands on Hogwarts Legacy, making the title one of the best game launches in history. But as the days go by and most players have managed to finish the game, there are still some who haven’t had the good fortune to do the same.

These are players on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, who are still waiting their turn to be able to cast spells and walk the halls of Hogwarts. A few months ago, Warner Bros. Games announced that the output ofHogwarts Legacy would be done in stages for older generation machines to ensure equivalent quality on all consoles. Originally postponed to April 4 next, it seems that the fans ofHarry Potter will still have to take their troubles patiently since the release has just been postponed once again.

It is now from May 5, the adventure can begin on PS4 and Xbox One. The date remains unchanged for players on Nintendo Switch who will be able to play Hogwarts Legacy from next July 25. This is a blow to gamers, justified as necessary action to “provide the best possible experience on all platforms” according to Warner Bros. Games.

Too much postponement?

Obviously, one more month to wait is not so dramatic especially after waiting so many years to discover the title. At least in theory. In practice, the situation is becoming more and more complicated for fans on older generation consoles. Indeed, since February 10, posts, images and videos about the game abound on the networks, flooding all gamers for several weeks.

It therefore becomes extremely difficult to navigate on Twitter, Instagram or even TikTok without being spoiled on all sides, even for those who have already started the adventure. This also applies to the official game, studio, and publisher accounts that assume that everyone can find themselves in their posts, although this is obviously not the case.

If you are in this situation, we can only recommend that you block certain terms in your network settings in order to protect yourself as much as possible. Besides, you can only take your troubles patiently, hoping thatHogwarts Legacy will be just as optimized on PS4 and Xbox One as it is on PS5 and Xbox Series (hi Cyberpunk 2077).

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