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Hogwarts Legacy unveils its official playlists!



Immerse yourself in the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy at any time of the day thanks to the official music of the game.

You loved the music ofHogwarts Legacy ? You can now listen to them on loop wherever you are. Indeed, the game’s YouTube channel has just unveiled two playlists containing all the music from the video game title. The first lists the entire soundtrack in the form of a complete album. You will find in this video nearly two hours of listening and images in 4K ofHogwarts Legacy in its best light.

And as if that weren’t enough, Warner Bros. Games is also unveiling a playlist designed for workers. Very fashionable at the moment, compilations for concentrating and studying are not immune to fashion. Harry Potter, on the contrary. The studio intends to put its mark with its video Study Themes from the Official Soundtrack. We find the same official music, arranged and sorted differently to stick with a studious and calm atmosphere. This one also promises you two hours of listening time.

A chain full of nuggets

By taking a look at the YouTube profile ofHogwarts Legacy, you will be able to come across gameplay videos, but also several ASMR videos which take as material the adventure game, its decorations and its sound design, all coupled with dynamic images in 4K. It’s a calmer way to approach the game other than through its intense combat, gripping story and exploration.

You can also discover via short videos the common rooms of all the houses of Hogwarts, which can be useful and interesting if you do not plan to create 4 different profiles. It should be noted, however, that it is absolutely necessary to do so if you want to unlock all the achievements of the title.

If you don’t want to use Youtube to listen to your music, feel free to switch to your favorite listening app. The music of the game is available separately and can be assembled as you wish into unique playlists. However, you will need to rely on a Premium subscription most of the time to scroll through them in the order you have chosen. The advantage of YouTube playlists, official or not, is that they are free and already mixed as smoothly as possible.

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