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Hollow Knight Silksong finally shows up after all this time!



Team Cherry finally decides to unveil the gameplay of Hollow Knight Silksong, and it is just incredible.

It’s one of the most acclaimed Metroidvanias of recent years. Hollow Knight is truly one of our favorite titles, so it is with great impatience that we await its sequel, announced many months, even a few years ago. After being desired for a long time, Hollow Knight Silksong finally unveils its first gameplay trailer.

As we already knew, silk song is no longer centered around the little knight that we know well, but takes Hornet as the main character, initially an antagonist for a faithful ally in the quest for the knight in the first opus. Little information has been shared about the history of the title, which is still very mysterious today.

Despite everything, the gameplay images show us the different enemies that we will have to face, the environments in which we will have to evolve. Everything happens very quickly and we don’t really have time to analyze what the second part will contain, but it remains in the same vein as the first, so it should be just as popular.

As beautiful as this surprise is, the developers have not yet communicated anything on the release date of the game, which should see the light of day within the next 12 months if we are to believe the words of the Xbox spokesperson. . We should have more information in the coming weeks.

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