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Honda | The Prologue electric SUV presents itself in full



Undoubtedly the most anticipated vehicle of the next few years at Honda, the Prologue electric SUV was presented in its entirety last week. The model developed in concert with General Motors will bring the Japanese manufacturer into a new era in 2024.

The offer is based on a template similar to that of the Passport intermediate SUV. The Prologue is 5cm longer than the latter, but its wheelbase is longer by a significant 28cm.

This advantage conferred by its electric platform which ingeniously integrates motors and batteries should theoretically favor interior space.

Moreover, Honda uses stylistic codes known to the outside. The front part looks rather beefy with its broad shoulders and retains a structure similar to that of gasoline-powered Honda models by dissociating the grille from the bumper. The rear is invariably reminiscent of the Range Rover Evoque with its thin glass and lights integrated into a wide glossy line.

The presentation of the cabin does not upset anything again, which in itself is a good thing. Honda goes there with fully digital instrumentation coupled with a touch screen fixed on the top of the dashboard. We also notice the presence of many physical keys, to our greatest relief.

However, we will still have to wait to see how this Prologue will stand out from the competition on a technical level, but the envelope seems very promising.

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