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Horror fans shouldn’t miss this absolutely terrifying game



This narrative game from Square Enix promises many scares thanks to innovative gameplay and 360-degree scenery.

If horror movies can succeed in freezing our blood, video games are experts in the matter. By putting us on the front line facing paranormal phenomena or terrifying killers, the adrenaline is pushed to its peak by this kind of video game works. Although action games dominate the market for horror titles, we must not forget the narrative games that plunge us into the heart of the most appalling stories.

Like a jumpscare that surprises us out of nowhere, Square Enix unveils and immediately publishes a new nugget not to be missed. PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo just launched on Nintendo Switch, Steam and mobile and intends to redefine the genre. On the story side, we find the great classics of Japanese horror: curses and other monsters in decrepit urban settings. However, these scary classics are powered by entirely new gameplay.

Can’t escape when you’re surrounded

The action of this narrative adventure takes place in the district of Sumida in the east of Tokyo, at the end of the 20th century. While the characters are entirely drawn, the sets are on the other hand very real. This title stands out thanks to its realistic environments made using a 360° camera. It is then possible to examine every nook and cranny of each area at our own risk…

This visual format generates a permanent angst rarely seen in a horror game of the genre. Navigation will be all the more pleasant for Switch and mobile players who can take advantage of touch controls to interact with the environment. With this innovative gameplay and an atmosphere reminiscent of classic Japanese horror, PARANORMASIGHT: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo could well and truly impose itself as a phenomenon worthy of corpse party in the golden age of horrific let’s plays.

On Switch and PC, the game is sold for €15.99 until March 23, before dropping to €19.99. However, mobile players will be able to take advantage of it for €17.99. For now, only the iOS version is available but the Android version should soon follow suit.

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