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how do i get the event skins?



Overwatch 2 welcomes its first major collaboration with Saitama and the characters of the cult manga One Punch Man.

Watch out, Saitama’s deadly fist will swoop down on Overwatch 2. Announced in early February with the arrival of Season 3, the collaboration between Blizzard’s FPS and the manga One-Punch Man from ONE and Yusuke Murata is finally here. This unexpected crossover sets in from March 7 or April 6 and comes with a whole bunch of new cosmetics, and it’s the first time such an event has appeared. Overwatch The first of the name had already had the right to small discreet collaborations, starting with the LEGO Bastion skin and profile icons to celebrate the release of the brick kits inspired by the game.

Until then, the FPS was far from large-scale and repeated collaborations as do other titles, starting with Fortnite. Only here is the recipe forOverwatch has changed a lot since the launch of the new version, and Blizzard intends to do everything in its power to keep players captivated. It’s not about bombarding the game with sponsored content, but about offering game modes and cosmetics to go along with Overwatch characters. So, nothing more obvious than a collaboration One-Punch Man for Doomfistthe hero with the iron fist.

Paid skins and free rewards

Since the first season from Overwatch 2, Blizzard has understood the lesson well and is finally starting to spoil the players. No need to go to the cash register or play temporary game modes to hope to receive event rewards, the studio intends to please its community. As part of the event One-Punch Man, players will be able to enjoy a multitude of skins and other cosmetic items.

On the store side, it’s possible to spend premium credits on new skins on Doomfist (Saitama), Kiriko (Terrible Tornado), and Genji (Genos). These also come with emotes, voice lines and even something to personalize your profile. However, event challenges allow you to get a whole bunch of rewards completely free of charge.

To do this, you will simply have to play a certain number of games, knowing that a victory counts double. Tiers range from 4 games to 24 games, all to be completed over a period of one month: child’s play! In addition to a weapon keychain in the shape of a fist or the alien Boros, the rest of the cosmetics put the character of Mugen Rider in the spotlight. With a skin, an intro and a victory pose for Soldier:76 as well as a profile bannerany player will be able to sport a look inspired by the cult manga.

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