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How do I send a friend request via the Nintendo app?



Nintendo unveils a much easier way to send friend requests, without having to take out your Switch.

Nintendo Switch owners know that it is sometimes difficult to ask other players as friends. Firstly because you need the “friend code” of this person, and secondly because it is obligatory to take out his console to do it… at least until now. Nintendo has just drastically simplified this task and it is with great pleasure that you will explain the procedure to follow.

Couldn’t be easier

To do this, you will need your smartphone, on which you will have previously downloaded the Nintendo Switch Online application. Usually, this application allows you to access some of your game data, but also to see what’s new in the titles you are playing. You can now send your friend requests directly from the application interface.

At the top right of your screen, click the settings icon. From this menu, you can copy your friend code, something possible for a few months, but you can also send it as a URL on which your acquaintances can click to ask you as a friend, or edit it as a QR code so they can scan it.

Note, however, that this feature is only compatible with the latest version of the application, but also with the latest versions of operating systems. We therefore recommend that you update not only the application, but also your mobile device.

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