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how to activate (or deactivate) the VRR?



Variable refresh rate is at your fingertips. So here’s how to enable it, or customize it, on your PS5.

Sony has just announced that Variable Refresh Rate, otherwise known as VRR, is coming this week to PS5 worldwide. Players will therefore soon be able to take advantage of this display technology on a certain number of games, the list of which you can find right here.

What is VRR?

It’s all in the name. When you buy a video game, you are often told the maximum frame rate per second that the game can generate, expressed in fps. As for your screen, it also has a refresh rate, which corresponds to the number of times it will be able to update the image per second, a phenomenon measured in Hz.

The variable refresh rate makes the link between these two notions, by adapting the refresh rate of your screen to the frame rate generated by your game, and this, in real time. This allows your game to experience better fluidity and avoid screen tearing, a phenomenon that occurs when the screen demands more frames from your console than it can produce.

How to enable VRR on PS5?

It is therefore a technology that has many advantages. To benefit from it, you must have a TV or monitor compatible with the VRR, and having an HDMI 2.1 port. These are mandatory conditions. If so, here’s how to take advantage of VRR when it’s available on PS5.

During its announcement, Sony said that VRR will be enabled automatically for everyone with a compatible screen. But if you want to make sure that’s the case, head to your PS5’s settings, in the “Screen and video” tab. In the “Video output” section, you will then be able to see the parameter dedicated to VRR, which has been added just above HDR.

From there, you can choose to disable the automatic setting of the VRR, or to apply it even to games that are not compatible. If this should allow for a slightly better display, you should disable this option if you notice any malfunctions. Finally, Sony also specifies that “theOther display standards like NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync are not supported“.

Many games to come

Now that the VRR has no more secrets for you, do not hesitate to take advantage of it if your screen is compatible, knowing that Sony is already planning to integrate this technology, formerly reserved for PCs, in many games to come and already went out. The corrective updates will be free, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of this advantage.

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