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Hyundai | Competition from Kona N and Elantra N



The energized versions of well-known vehicles arouse the passions of the “pilots” in us. Hyundai is certainly very proud of its Ns, but fights against the Subaru WRX and Volkswagen GTi and Mini Countryman S, in particular.

Mini Countryman S (rival of Kona N)

Price: from $ 39,456


Mini Countryman S

The Countryman is the best-selling vehicle within the Mini lineup. And in its S version, it is arguably the closest rival to the Kona N. The latter can hardly compete with the Anglo-German in terms of traction, however. The Mini offers efficient all-wheel drive coupled with a chassis of devilish handling. In return, the Mini is not as affordable as it seems and its catalog of options – appreciated by customers who like customization – makes us fear leaving our paycheck there. The Countryman JCW claims, not without reason, to exude the joy of life behind the wheel. Indeed, we immediately find the red cheeks of his childhood at the wheel, but the firmness of the suspensions is sometimes difficult to bear.

Subaru WRX (Elantra N rival)

Price: from $ 30,995 (estimate)


Subaru WRX

Honda is sharpening its next Civic Si and Type R, while Subaru is already revealing the next generation of its new WRX. For want of having tried it, it is difficult to say how competitive it is compared to the Elantra N, on a dry road at least. Indeed, in this area, the WRX has the advantage of counting on a constant-mesh all-wheel drive. With a larger displacement (2.4 L), the Subaru’s engine is practically on par with that of the Hyundai. And just like the latter, the WRX offers a manual transmission. As for the automatic, Subaru renews its confidence in the CVT, even if it was renamed SPT (Subaru Performance Transmission) to fuel some confusion. A new name justified, according to the manufacturer, because of the many improvements made to its performance. To have.

Volkswagen GTi (Elantra N rival)

Price: from $ 31,495


Volkswagen GTi

Mother of all sports compacts, the GTi bears the seal of innovation this year. Moreover, the first deliveries will begin in a few days. The Volkswagen produces less horsepower (241) than the Hyundai Elantra N, but does not have to be ashamed of the torque comparison. Smoother, the German 2 L is also more flexible, more linear. Like the Hyundai Elantra N, this Volkswagen offers a manual gearbox with comparable performance (clutch modulation, selector precision), but the automatic is the fastest. Less sharp than the Hyundai Elantra N, the GTi is a car that is appreciated on a daily basis and does not choke with indignation if you want to ease off. A solid, pleasant and above all very homogeneous car.

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