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In-car video games are the new normal of tomorrow



Nvidia announces its firm intention to offer video games in cars in the (very) near future.

CES 2023, an unmissable event for those who love tech and innovation, is in full swing in Las Vegas for a few more hours. On site, Nvidia is present, and introduces some of its latest ideas in the world of chips but also gaming. The company also took the opportunity to officially announce its partnership with several automotive groups to integrate video games into multiple vehicles within a few years or even months.

Nvidia is partnering with the Hyundai Motor Group, which includes the Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis brands, as well as BYD and Polestar. So many racing cars that will have the possibility of being able to stream many games via Nvidia’s cloud gaming service. For those unfamiliar with GeForce Now, it’s a service that lets you access your PC games via the cloud for increased performance, like turning your car into a super-powerful PC for a game.

According to Nvidia, it will only be necessary to rely on an internet connection, coming from a mobile device, to make everything work in future models of the aforementioned brands. Of course, the service will only be accessible when stationary or when the vehicle is charging, except for the rear screens which will have permanent access to GeForce Now. Note that this concerns a catalog of more than 1000 games currently.

Playing in your car: today’s ideal, tomorrow’s achievement

Nvidia is not the only company to address the subject of video games in cars. Tesla is already a pioneering proponent of this technology and currently offers a predefined set of games – so Sonic – in its vehicles when they are on charge or at a complete stop. Since last December, you can even link your Steam account to your car if you have one of the newer Tesla S or X models.

It therefore seems that gaming is becoming more democratic on all media, even those that we would have imagined as eccentric a few years ago. Who knows what the future of video games and automotive holds, as some brands also prepare to welcome PS5s on board.

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