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In Sonic Frontiers, Sega has reduced the risk of motion sickness



With Sonic Frontiers, Sega’s blue hedgehog is revolutionizing. This new adventure of the speedy hero takes place not only in 3D, but also in open areas: a caviar for the fans, but those who suffer from motion sickness could stay away from the game… Fortunately, the Sonic Team thought asset.

In Sonic Frontiers, the player can direct Sega’s speedy hedgehog anywhere in an open environment, where it is possible to roam freely… and at full speed, of course! The Sonic Team who developed the game want to avoid comparison with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it’s hard not to see similarities between the two titles. While it’s true that technically this new installment of Sonic takes place not in a vast open world, but in smaller islands.

Countermeasures to reduce motion sickness

Anyway, the principle of Sonic Frontiers is to allow the player to go where he wants to live the adventures he wants although there are objectives to follow to unfold the scenario. Sonic obliges, certain sequences of platforms are visually impressive with rails and roads which embark the player in stunts of any beauty.

But for some players, it’s too much. The 3D, the speed and the necessarily spectacular aspect of the fastest passages could indeed have triggered motion sickness, also known as motion sickness. This disorder usually occurs when moving in a vehicle, there is a discrepancy between the movement recorded by the eyes, and the immobility of the body perceived by the inner ear.

The Sonic Team thought about it: Sachiko Kawamura, producer of the game, explained that following the test phase, “countermeasures” were taken to reduce the risk of motion sickness. It doesn’t specify what adjustments the developers made, but it’s good to see that this issue has been taken care of for the sake of all players.

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