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Increase in the price of the grocery basket | The missed opportunity for “discount coupons”



The use of discount coupons does not increase at the same rate as the price of the grocery basket, reveals a study conducted by Dalhousie University, in particular because certain rules of use hinder customers. However, by taking it seriously, Caroline Cadorette, a professional “couponeuse” who manages a daycare service, succeeds according to her calculations in saving at least $300 each week. And more and more followers are following his teachings.

An upward trend


Across Canada, 11% of consumers went to the checkout more often with a coupon in their pocket than six months ago.

About 16% of Quebecers are using coupons more often than six months ago, according to the report produced in collaboration with Angus Reid, who surveyed 1,501 Canadians during the month of March. Nationally, 11% of consumers showed up at the checkout more often with a coupon in their pocket. The results obtained greatly surprise Sylvain Charlebois, senior director of the Laboratory of Analytical Sciences in Agrifood at Dalhousie University. He expected this way of saving to be more popular. “The craze for using coupons among people aged 35 was twice as great as for those aged 55 and over,” reads the survey, the results of which will be published on Friday. And consumers earning less than $50,000 use it more often, by 18%, compared to 14% for those earning a higher salary. We wanted to understand why, explained Mr. Charlebois during an interview granted to The Press. And why are people not inclined to use coupons, despite higher prices. »

A lot of efforts


Nearly 68% of consumers say they would use coupons if they had more available.

After dissecting the data obtained, Sylvain Charlebois found that accessibility weighed heavily in the balance. Nearly 68% of consumers say they would use them if they had more available. Some supermarkets distribute more discount coupons than others. The consumer can however keep those he receives by post, for example. Circular cutting coupons are also almost non-existent. Nearly half of respondents (49%) believe that the rules for using coupons are too restrictive, in particular because they are offered for a short period. In a proportion of 45%, they also said that they did not necessarily give access to attractive discounts. For 38% of people, delaying the queue at the checkout when you have to hand in your coupons was one of the deterrents. “We need to ensure that there are fewer restrictions, more flexibility, that the discounts are more attractive,” summarizes Mr. Charlebois. We must reward the work of consumers who do couponing. »

Weekly savings of $300


Caroline Cadorette, professional “couponuse”, manages according to her calculations to save at least $300 each week.

Caroline Cadorette, the one many merchants call Madame Coupons, reaps the rewards of her efforts every week with savings of more than $300. In addition to the flyers that she looks at carefully every Monday, she does her “coupon rounds” every Thursday and is on the lookout for all the products on which a discount label has been affixed. Between 4:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., Mme Cadorette, who lives in Sainte-Julie, visits stores and pharmacies belonging to the main brands. “I’m looking forward to Thursday. It’s a drug, ”she says on the phone. In addition to the coupons she picks up in supermarkets, Mme Cadorette, who is in charge of a home daycare service, does not hesitate to contact companies to have them send her coupons. She also knows the different apps and point cards available. The 51-year-old, who believes the time spent hunting for discounts is worth it, shares her findings on her Facebook page with members of her Couponomize All Year round group.

More followers


Caroline Cadorette is nicknamed by some Madame Coupons.

While the survey shows that the number of coupon users is not skyrocketing despite rising food prices, Cadorette observes that, since the beginning of the year, more followers are following her “teachings”. “In two weeks, we had almost 5,000 members added,” she said. The group has existed since 2015 and Caroline Cadorette claims to have never had so many requests in such a short time. Currently, nearly 15,000 people relay and collect information on weekly discounts. Some members redeem coupons. Others, for example, take pictures of free shampoo bottles after contacting the company that makes them.

Coupon Training


Caroline Cadorette shows some coupons methodically arranged in a binder.

In addition to sharing her finds, this bargains specialist gives almost every evening of the week – except Thursdays dedicated to her tour – an online training where she explains and gives her tips and tricks. “There are false beliefs about coupons,” she says. You just have to know how to use them. You have to pass the discount coupon, as much as possible when the product is [en réclame] “, she advises. “You also have to know when to apply them. Often the best deals come out during the 3and week of the month. And there’s no need to stock up for the next ten years. “The discounts always come back, she also adds. If one week the bottle of ketchup is reduced to $2.97 at Metro, the next week it will be at IGA and the next week at Maxi. You don’t always need to store. »

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