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Invictus Capital: The first tokenized fund in history turns 4



Some say Africa will be the blessed new continent of blockchain technology. An affirmation to which Invictus Capital can only subscribe. From Cape Town, the firm has been offering its crypto financial products since 2017 and today celebrates the 4 years of its famous Crypto20.

She reminds us on this occasion that the C20 was the very first tokenized index fund in the world (!) Based on cryptocurrencies. 4 years of deployment and success which prove that daring pays off.

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A crypto success story

The crypto market has changed a lot since 2017. At the time, the sector was experiencing the euphoria of an unprecedented bullrun. Then the pangs of a bear market suddenly plunge the whole sector into apathy for several years. It is in this tense context that the Crypto20 fund makes its weapons. The formula is simple but still completely new. In short, a digital asset will symbolize exposure to the top 20 crypto-currencies by market capitalization.

The performances are there, the success is overwhelming. Invictus Capital seems to have struck the perfect balance between consistent returns and protection. But above all, the C20 is quickly becoming a gateway for many individual investors hitherto excluded from the opportunities reserved for wealthy investment funds. Indeed, what could be simpler than buying a token to open a position on 20 assets at the same time. No KYC, geographic limitations or minimum capital.

Invictus Capital aims to offer crypto opportunities to all budgets, without geographic limitation or KYC constraint.
Invictus Capital opens the doors to crypto to all investor profiles

A success of esteem that motivates the team to take on new challenges. The proposals are linked, and the offer in terms of financial products is expanding. Over the years, the company has offered Margin Lending (IML), a special bitcoin fund (Alpha), another on the price of gold (IGP), a C10 fund which offers a short-list of top crypto, the list goes on. Obviously, the C20 is not neglected. On the contrary, Praised by early investors, it retains the full attention of developers.

The crypto20 fund democratizes investment in blockchain technology

Over time, the underlying assets of the C20 token have evolved. Depending on the vagaries of enthusiasm and innovations, itertain heavyweights made their entry (Uniswap, Solana…), others were pushed towards the exit (Dash, Monero…). Without being sentimental, the balancing algorithm delivers its verdict every week and thus proposes a clinical representation of the crypto landscape at the moment T. A dynamic inventory that leaves no room for emotions, and that’s good.

The C20 tokenized fund consists of 20 of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies on the market.  It is updated every week in view of the evolution of the blockchain market
Overview of the current C20 portfolio

The team continues to improve its flagship product. For example, rather than a traditional “spot” purchase, the company now uses futures contracts. Many interests flow from it. Without going into the details of how these derivative products called “futures”, they make it possible to free up a large part of the liquidity that Invictus will grow at the same time. Indeed, only a small part of the funds is deposited as collateral to obtain the same exposure as a traditional purchase.

The rest of the capital thus preserved will be able to be deployed on other protocols such as staking and yield farming. A strategy which adds a significant additional yield for the entire C20 fund. Associated with management driven by algorithms and regular optimization by the team, the C20 retains all its relevance over time and continues to outperform the markets with the enthusiasm of a young first.

Because if the comments are subject to caution, the results of the C20 fund proposed by Invictus Capital are without appeals. For 2021, at the time of writing this article, the yield has already reached the incredible figure of 372%, net of management fees.

An incredible performance which is only fair given the hard work of the team dedicated to its mission. Could the C20 have found the secret to eternal crypto-growth?

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