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is the DLC worth it? We tested



Released on March 18 and updated on August 4, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC is even better than we could have imagined. Here are 3 reasons why you should crack.

A few months ago during an eventful Direct, Nintendo announced the arrival of the first paid DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Called Pass Additional Circuits, it gives you access to many circuits, which will be released gradually until the end of 2023. The only downside (or not), these are not new, freshly created races, but a slew of circuits from old games Mario Kart remastered.

At least that’s what we thought until the release of the second wave today, which includes a new circuit! After having succumbed to the call of nostalgia ourselves, we invite you to discover why we absolutely do not regret this purchase. Here are 3 reasons that prove that the DLC of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the best thing that could have happened to him.

Because the race remastering work is of quality

Adding old circuits to an (almost) brand new game is a risky bet. At a time when remakes and other remasters are legion, players are tired of spending their money on content already pre-chewed and just seasoned differently. Especially since the work provided behind is often far below the expectations of the players.

However, Nintendo proves to us that the exception confirms the rule. The first races planned had however created a controversy even before being available. This is the case of the Coco Supermarket circuit (Mario Kart Wii) whose first images were strongly criticized as being too smooth and too little modernized. Once the finished product is in hand, we can assure you that our doubts are gone.

The 8 races added on March 18 as well as that of August 4 are all up to expectations, and have managed to integrate perfectly with the rest of the races in the game. This is the case even for the oldest of them, including Montagne Choco or Desert Kalimari, which date from Nintendo 64. If they obviously lack texture and decorative elements – the machines of the time not allowing the environment to be overloaded – we really appreciate the work of remastering at the graphic level provided by Nintendo. The most observant will even be able to notice the few changes made to the original circuits, as subtle as they are welcome.

We also applaud the addition of the Circuit Sorbet, a new and very appetizing race. This has been available since the arrival of the Helicopter Cup with the second wave of DLC and is a feast for the eyes as much as in terms of gameplay. But this race is above all the proof that Nintendo can still surprise us with the next waves, and make us all the more profitable the purchase of the Pass.

Because it doubles the amount of races available

This is Nintendo’s key argument: in total, players who own the DLC will be able to enjoy 48 new races by the end of 2023. These circuits will be distributed in 12 different cups, which are added to the 12 cups already present in the game. This means that your playing time can literally double, even if the circuits will be released gradually.

An argument that weighs heavily knowing that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was released in 2017, that it is still as modern as ever, but that we are starting to know its races (almost) by heart. A little freshness is therefore not refused, especially since it is almost impossible for you to know all the circuits planned. You will therefore necessarily be able to discover some of them, and if this is not the case, you can console yourself by remembering that you can access the largest racing library through a single game.

Because the price-performance ratio is unbeatable!

mario kart nintendo switch dlc price

Last but not least, the Additional Tracks Pass DLC from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the best deals in terms of financial investment. For all the content promised to us, it is displayed at the single price of €24.99. You only pay once, and you’re done! For those who do not want to spend their money this way, know that it is also available with the subscription to the additional pack of Nintendo Switch Online.

Given the quality of the circuits and their number, the formula offered by Nintendo could not be more profitable. If we could crack, why not you?

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