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Is the Nintendo Switch affected by the shortage of components?



In its latest financial report, Nintendo blames the blow and blames the component shortage for the slowdown in Nintendo Switch sales.

After Sony, it’s Nintendo’s turn to tell us more about its last quarter. Against all expectations, the firm deplores a slowdown, especially with regard to hardware sales. Indeed, Nintendo is starting to feel the effects of the shortage of components, which had relatively spared it so far, despite a slight slowdown in production over the Christmas period 2021.

In the past three months, the company has still been able to rejoice in having reached 111.08 Nintendo Switch sold worldwide. If it is already 10 million more than the Wii, the hybrid console is on the verge of overtaking the sales of the Game Boy, with a gap of only 7 million units sold.

The software works like a charm

On the games side, however, Nintendo is really not to be pitied and can always count on the strength of its franchises to do the job. So the title Nintendo Switch Sports managed to reach 4.8 million copies sold, and Mario Strikers Battle League got off to a slightly more tentative start with 1.9 million units sold. Kirby and the Forgotten World achieves the feat of being the best-selling title of its entire franchise with a total of 4.5 million copies sold.

The year is not over for Nintendo

If these figures may seem more discreet than usual, Nintendo is also counting on the end of the year to explode its records. In September, we are already waiting for the release of Splatoon 3but also the next opus of Mario + Rabbids on October 20, without forgetting the famous Pokémon Purple and Scarlet on November 18. All this should greatly boost the firm’s sales, especially on the software side.

On the hardware side, however, apart from the Switch OLED edition Splatoon, nothing new is to be expected at the moment, despite the expectation of a Nintendo Switch Pro among many players. However, we should not hope too much, it seems that this one will not be on the program for a long time.

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