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is the port worth it?



Playdigious unveils the official port of Streets of Rage 4 on mobiles? Should you buy it?

The time has finally come to roll up your sleeves, pull out your smartphone and fight the crooks of Streets of Rage 4. The mobile port, previously announced by Dotemu and produced by Playdigious, is already available on iOS and Android. The game is therefore accessible to everyone, even to those who do not have a console or a PC. But is the carry even worth it? Answer below.

The same content, more convenient

Streets of Rage 4 is an action and combat game well known to everyone, but especially to fans of retrogaming who have followed the license since its inception. However, this port is for everyone, mobile having become the gaming platform favored by a very large number of people around the world. If the port on Nintendo Switch already allowed a certain mobility, Streets of Rage 4 offers the ultimate version for backpackers, Sunday players or those who don’t have time.

It is not because it wants to be more accessible that the title ignores its content. The mobile version makes no compromises compared to the console and PC versions. There are then several modes (Story, Levels, Boss fight, etc.) as well as six different difficulty levels, including the famous mania and mania+ added not so long ago on other platforms. As a bonus, you even have the option to purchase the Mr. X Nightmare DLC right now.

Suffice to say therefore that the port is very complete, in addition to being of excellent quality. We expected no less from Playdigious, which was already at work for the mobile version of Dead Cells or even of Northgard. Between the graphics, the music, or even the possibilities of gameplay, nothing is left to chance and mobile gamers are in no way prejudiced. We find exactly everything that makes the soul of Streets of Rage 4.

Touch or controller, the choice is yours

Where things differ is in gameplay. Like any mobile title, Streets of Rage 4 supports touch controls. To play this way, you use your right thumb to direct the character (pay attention to the depth, as on other supports you play in 3D), and your left thumb to perform normal or special attacks, jump or even pick up objects .

If this option is very practical on the move, we still prefer the joystick, which has the advantage of being more precise. Despite everything, the integration of touch controls is quite natural and is done well enough that we can find our way around easily. You just need to get the hang of it, if you haven’t already. Streets of Rage 4 is therefore downloadable from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store at the price of 7.99€which is very inexpensive compared to other versions.

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