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The ESA announces the great return of E3 in a grandiose event which already reveals its dates. You will be surprised.

As unexpected news, the ESA announces the official return of E3 in 2023. This was already what we had heard last year for the 2022 edition, which ultimately never took place. But as the pandemic begins to come under control all over the world (despite the arrival of the eighth wave), things seem to be back on track. For the first time since 2019, E3 will be back in physics at its favorite venue, the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC).

Still organized by the ESA, which has been in charge for many years, the show will also be managed this year by ReedPop, a company behind the Star Wars Celebration and New York Comic Con conventions, as well as the video game shows Pax East, Pax West, Pax Australia and Pax Unplugged, among other events. The firm therefore already has a lot of experience in the field of events which is no longer to be proven.

Divide and rule ?

E3 fans know that we are usually entitled to a few days of celebration, usually 4 or 5. In 2023, the format will for once change a little, and give way to a slightly different organization, at least for people who will be there. ESA splits the event in two, with Business Days and Gamer Dayswho will share the two halls of the LACC.

The Business Days will be open from June 13 to 15 for press and industry employees only, while Gamer Days will take place on June 15 and 16 only for the public. In terms of content, nothing will change from the usual, players will be able to discover a range of different stands held by publishers, accessory brands or even video game associations.

There will also be a whole section dedicated to influence with the presence of well-known streamers and YouTubers, with whom fans will be able to exchange throughout the duration of the show. Obviously, many announcements are to be expected and all those who cannot travel to Los Angeles will be able to follow the event (and more) online for free. The festivities will begin online from June 11.

For the moment, only the main lines of the program are known, and it will be necessary to wait several months before knowing more about the terms and conditions for the sale of tickets, the detailed schedule for the week or even the advertisers who will be present. .

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