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It’s time for Nintendo to release the Switch 2 and these leaks confirm it



Rumors of a new Switch model continue to grow and the console could arrive sooner than expected.

Switch Pro, Switch 2… The new hypothetical console from Nintendo has many names but still does not point the tip of its nose. Released on March 3, 2017, the Nintendo Switch is beginning to wear thin almost six years after its launch. If the Kyoto firm has never bet on power on its consoles for the benefit of an innovative gaming experience, the small hybrid is struggling to keep pace in an industry that is changing ever faster.

Thus, rumors of an improved model that can support triple A more easily keep coming back periodically. Last December, the experts of the specialized YouTube channel Digital Foundry put an end to all speculation: the concept of the Switch Pro did indeed exist but never came to an end. However, this beginning of the year is relaunching gossip with full force: it is therefore time to take stock of the existence of a new generation Switch.

This time it’s the right one

When Microsoft unveiled its partnership with Nintendo a few days ago, the first hints of a more powerful Switch appeared. How the next call of duty will be able to be released simultaneously on PS5, Xbox Series and Switch if the console is light years away in terms of performance? The Kyoto firm will undeniably have to get up to speed, and some leakers seem to confirm this theory.

DLC leaks from Pokemon Purple and Scarlet Since confirmed retail ready in Pokémon Presents hinted at the arrival of a graphics update for “new Switch models”. If this information could have simply slipped alongside a truthful leak to increase the hype, a big name in the industry is going there with its own revelations.

If we are to believe Jeff Grubb, the announcement of the Switch 2 is for this year. The clues all seem to be confirmed one after the other and this long dreamed Switch model could finally become a reality. However, this information must be considered with the greatest caution pending formalization.

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