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it’s time to act, warns a study



The British Mental Health Foundation has alerted the video game industry to act more effectively to take care of the mental health of gamers.

We have known for a while now that video games are not responsible for violent behavior or lack of socialization in adolescents, any more than in adults. Still, the industry as a whole still has some way to go to become a model of integrity, says the non-profit organization Mental Health Foundation. In a study published a few days ago on its official website, the foundation calls on video game publishers and developers to take more concrete action to protect the mental health of their players explaining : “The games industry has enormous potential to act as a source of mental well-being”.

Based on the feelings of around twenty British gamers, the Mental Health Foundation has delivered the results of its study, along with a series of recommendations for video game creators. There are mainly advice to improve living together, such as the need to combat harmful and toxic behaviors, while ensuring that the mass effects linked to discrimination and harassment are quickly stemmed. The organization also calls on developers to act for inclusivitytaking care to represent minorities in their productions.

With great power comes great responsibility

Finally, the foundation also calls on publishers to raise awareness in their community about the importance of mental health, especially ingame. A way for the United Kingdom to fight against certain psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression, which affect one in six adults in the country. While of “more and more cultural institutions are looking at the role they play in shaping social behavior”, video games also seem to have a card to play.

Addressing the industry directly, the foundation finally concluded by explaining: “Players are asking you to do more: not because you have to, but because you have the opportunity and the power to make a positive difference in their lives.”

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