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Joe Biden accuses Republicans of ‘fiscal insanity’



(Washington) US President Joe Biden ruled on Monday that the Republican opposition, who accuses him of spending lavishly, suffered from “budgetary insanity”, and shattered the economic projects of the conservatives.

“I reduced the deficit last year by $350 billion. And this year, the federal deficit is down more than $1 trillion. Listen to me carefully. It’s a fact,” he said at a meeting in memory of Martin Luther King, organized by one of the most influential representatives of the African-American community in the United States, the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Referring to his Republican opponents who, however, accuse the president and his party, the Democrats, of being spendthrifts, Joe Biden launched: “They must be suffering from budgetary insanity. »


The 80-year-old Democrat, who must say soon if he stands for 2024, has launched a full-scale attack on the economic projects of the opposition, now mistress of the House of Representatives.

This lower house makes up, with the majority Democratic Senate, the American Congress.

While saying he was ready to work with the conservatives, the American president said he was “disappointed that the first piece of legislation” they are introducing “helps the rich, the big companies […] at the expense of middle-class taxpayers. »

He refers to a Republican text aimed at reducing the budget of the American tax administration, which Joe Biden had decided to increase in the name of the fight against tax evasion.

If this text from the Republicans arrived on his desk, the American president has already promised to veto it.

Joe Biden also killed another Republican project on Monday, who want to upset the federal tax system by replacing income tax with a consumption tax.

“They want to replace the money lost from taxes on millionaires and billionaires with a tax on almost everything in the country. What the hell does that mean? he pretended to wonder.

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