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Justin Trudeau and François Legault will meet on December 16



(Quebec) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet his Quebec counterpart, François Legault, on December 16.

This will be a second meeting for the two men in less than a month, since they had briefly met on the sidelines of the Francophonie Summit in Djerba, Tunisia.

Friday’s meeting should this time be longer and be used to deal with several subjects, in particular the thorny issue of health transfers.

For several years, Quebec, along with the other Canadian provinces, has been advocating for a substantial increase in federal health transfers, without conditions.

The federal government of Justin Trudeau says it is ready to increase these transfers if the provinces and territories collaborate in particular on a national system for sharing health data.

In Djerba, Mr. Legault said he had discussed with Mr. Trudeau the financing of the health network, in addition to the situation of French in Montreal and the irregular entry of migrants to Roxham Road.

He said he had “set the table well” for the next one-on-one with Mr. Trudeau, welcoming his “openness”. It was assumed that the two men would meet again somewhere in December.

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