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Keechant Sewell, first woman to lead NYPD



(New York) Future New York mayor Eric Adams is set to appoint for the first time a woman, Keechant Sewell, to the highly sensitive post of chief of police in America’s largest city, a- he announced Tuesday night to the New York Post.

“Keechant Sewell is an accomplished crime fighter who has the experience and emotional intelligence to provide the safety New Yorkers need and provide them the justice they deserve,” said Eric Adams, himself. a former policeman, saying he was “very happy to have him” in this post.

The first woman to lead NYPD, she will be the third black person in the post, while Democrat Eric Adams will be the second black mayor in the history of the US megalopolis on the east coast. Both will take up their duties on 1er January 2022.

At the head of about 36,000 police officers in the largest city in the United States (nearly 9 million people), Keechant Sewell, 49, will have the daunting task of maintaining security in New York as the pandemic of coronavirus was accompanied by an outbreak of crime in 2020. All this while restoring the confidence of the population in its police, accused of having in its ranks violent, racist and corrupt agents.

Security had been one of the main issues of the campaign for mayor of New York.

“Welcome Chief Sewell to the second toughest police job in America. The first, of course, being that of being an NYPD police officer in the street, ”greeted the boss of the city’s first police union (PBA), Patrick Lynch.

Keechant Sewell is currently the Chief Investigator in Nassau County, east of New York City.

According to the New York Times, she has worked in the police force for 23 years. She served in different units: narcotics, priority investigations, and was a negotiator during hostage-taking.

“We are totally focused on violent crime,” she told the New York Post. “Violent crime is the number one priority.”

“I really want to take a look at what is working for this city and what is not,” she added.

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