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keyboard/mouse support soon?



According to the latest rumors, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service may soon support keyboards and mice.

While Microsoft has just unveiled the new entries in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for the month of March, the firm could well make some improvements to its cloud gaming service. Indeed, according to rumors relayed by Jorg Neumann, the director of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the firm should soon add keyboard / mouse support to Xbox Cloud Gaming. He declares :

So the platform-level team is working on this. I know I can’t give a date because I don’t know them, but it will come. I hope it will be finished by June, but I can’t say. »

Following this, a Microsoft spokesperson also confirmed the news by explaining that “ the team is experimenting with touch and gyroscope controls, and are looking forward to adopting the keyboard/mouse model as soon as it is available on the platform, but we have no specific announcements or timetable to communicate for the moment. »

A tailor-made feature but without a specific date

Present in the list of games offered this month, Microsoft Flight Simulator was a huge success in 2020 when it was released on PC, then in 2021 when it was ported to Xbox Series X/S consoles, and should meet the same fate on the cloud. Except that on the Xbox Cloud Gaming PC, players cannot use their controller of choice, which is the keyboard and mouse.

As with all other games, only the controllers can be used, both on PC, on Xbox or even on smartphone. This is due to the fact that Xbox Cloud Gaming has so far focused on accessibility to games even on the go. A situation which the firm should remedy if we are to believe the words of the developer.

Because yes, cloud gaming is not just for playing on the go. Indeed, it allows less well-off players to enjoy optimal performance if their personal machine is a bit old. As a reminder, after the change of all Xbox Cloud Gaming servers, it is based on the performance of the Xbox Series X, which is currently the most powerful console on the market.

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