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Lakers: Vogel will leave



Under contract until 2023 with the Los Angeles Lakers, Frank Vogel will not be renewed, according to ESPN, after the catastrophic season of his team, which finished eleventh in the Western Conference.

Frank Vogel and the Lakers, it’s over, or almost. According to ESPNthe Los Angeles Lakers coach will learn this Monday that his contract is terminated, while he was running until June 2023. The 48-year-old coach pays for the extremely disappointing season of his team, which finished eleventh in the Western Conference (33 wins – 49 losses) while she had multiple All Stars in her squad, such as LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony or Dwight Howard. But the James – Westbrook – Davis trio could only be lined up 21 times due to injuries, for a record of eleven wins for ten defeats. Proof that injuries do not explain everything, because the trio did not crush the competition when they could play, far from it. Arrived in 2019 at the Lakers after having coached Indiana (2011-16) and Orlando (2016-18), the native of New Jersey had signed a three-year contract, then had been offered a one-year extension, either until June 2023, last summer.

Vogel: “No one told me anything”

After the 141-146 victory after extra time in Denver on Sunday for the last game before the holidays, Frank Vogel assured however that he did not know what his future would be like. “I haven’t been told anything. I’m going to enjoy tonight’s game, celebrate what these young guys have done in terms of scratching and scratching to get back in the game and get the win, and we’ll take care of tomorrow, tomorrow.” he said at a press conference. Malik Monk, who broke his career points record (41) on Sunday, defended his coach: “ He kept his cool the whole time. He came and worked and always gave us a great game plan… He was always focused on us. He was never really focused on him. And I congratulate him for that. I know it was pretty hard for him, but he never talked about it. He never changed his behavior. “Frank Vogel will therefore bid farewell to his players in the coming days, and rumors will begin to swirl about the name of his successor…

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