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Landrover | The Range Rover Sport is unveiled and will adopt the electric in 2024



A few months after the unveiling of its flagship, Land Rover has unveiled the latest generation of its little brother, the Range Rover Sport. The SUV plans to offer an electric version within two years.

Shorter by ten centimeters than the Range Rover and presenting a more dynamic profile by means of a lower roof line, this model will also be more affordable than the latter. That said, at $101,750 displayed on the initial invoice, the accessible aspect is very theoretical. Preserving the basic ingredients of the previous design, he wants to ensure his panache by adjustments to modernize it, much more than a real remodeling.

Notwithstanding this observation, this generation is based on the new MLA-Flex chassis which promises 35% more torsional rigidity. Like many competitors, it uses adaptive shock absorbers supported by a pneumatic system to adjust ground clearance and maintain a high level of comfort.


Range Rover Sports 2023

The hood lifts on a choice of three engines. The standard version advances with the excellent 394 hp 394 hp turbocharged inline six-cylinder turbocharged mild hybrid. A plug-in hybrid version of this motor pushes power to 434bhp and claims to be able to go 77km on one charge. Finally, the First Edition, which sits at the top of the liveries, will be entitled to a 4.4 L twin-turbo V8 of BMW origin producing 523 hp to ensure its status.

The most interesting element of this unveiling, however, remains the promise to offer an all-electric version relatively quickly, starting in 2024. However, nothing has been presented in connection with this promise.

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