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Less hours

The employees of Diffusion Solutions Intégitées (DSI), in Trois-Rivières, change their work rhythm. As of January 3, their working week will be reduced from 37.5 to 32 hours (or the equivalent of four days a week) without a pay reduction. “There was already a program in place of 5% of the time dedicated to personal projects,” says Louis-Philippe Poulin, general manager of the software development company and solutions on mobile devices. “We decided to push it a little more. The idea came from the employees. Management listened. “Myself, I already work in a very flexible mode,” says Poulin. I have always advocated flexibility in work. There, we formalize it. Each team is responsible for establishing the schedule with its employees, because we still have to provide customer service at all times. There is only one rule, however: no holidays on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Such a gift will not cause additional expenses for the company, according to the CEO. “We do not plan to hire,” he says. We are no longer in a situation of optimization and efficiency of work methods. ”

The idea

So laugh, it’s Christmas!


Elyse Boulet, President and Partner of Pigeon Brands

As a holiday greeting card this year, design agency Pigeon Brands sent a laugh generator, in the form of a mobile app, to its customers and suppliers across the world. The jokes of the application were concocted by emerging comedians from the National School of Humor. This also contains lists of cocktails and songs. “We are in such an anxiety-provoking period,” launches the president and partner Elyse Boulet. People have a short fuse. This is reflected in our professional, friendly and co-worker relationships. As the valves are down, laughter becomes a weapon to tame our stress. We allowed ourselves to joke with a certain flavor without going too far, because there are many polarizing subjects at the moment. ” A good idea ? “I told about our initiative on LinkedIn,” says Elyse Boulet, “and it’s my most popular post on the social network this year! ”

The quote

It is an extraordinary opportunity. And I take it very seriously given the historical nature of it. I grew up in Queens. It’s my city, and now that it’s my department, I feel like I’ve come full circle.

Keechant Sewell, NYPD’s first female chief, appointed by Mayor-designate Eric Adams, who said Sewell “has a proven track record in fighting crime and has the experience and emotional intelligence to provide both the safety New Yorkers need and the justice they deserve.”

Sources: New York Post and Richard Hétu’s blog

The number


This is the proportion of companies with more than 500 employees that have fully integrated digital strategies into their core activities in 2021. This is three times more than in 2020, according to a study by SAP Canada and IDC Canada. “Canadian businesses have been considering going digital for years, but last year we saw a surge in interest and value in this digital transformation, which is delivering real business benefits,” says Brian Moore, director of business operations for SAP Canada, in a statement. “Clearly, organizations will need to continue to fully integrate their operations next year to remain competitive. ”


Stikeman Elliott scholarships

The law firm is creating two scholarships for black and native Quebec students who are pursuing a career in law. In collaboration with the University of Montreal and McGill University, they will be paid respectively to a student for three years and to a student for five years depending on the institution. “We believe that by supporting our communities and providing support to students, we can create opportunities for inclusion and inspire a new generation of determined and ambitious students,” said Barbara Sheng, Partner, Business Law Group and Co-Chair from Stikeman Elliott’s National Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, in a press release.

The law


New York passes a law requiring, as of April 2022, employers in the Big Apple to indicate the salary scales of posted positions. “The lack of transparency is discriminatory,” says city council member Helen Rosenthal. Such an opening could possibly increase wages. Those who fail to obey the law could face fines or legal action. According to, organizations are planning wage increases of around 3.9% in 2022.


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