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LeBron James, billionaire long before Jordan



Aged 37, LeBron James is at the head of a colossal fortune which according to Forbes has crossed the billion dollar mark.

And 121 million more dollars that make a billion … According to Forbes magazine, LeBron James, credited with a lucrative 2021-2022 season, now has a fortune in excess of one billion dollars (930 million euros). Unheard of for an active NBA player.

Of course, Michael Jordan also crossed this highly symbolic threshold, but the latter had to wait 11 years after his retirement from sport to see his business grow to the point of propelling him into a billionaire. According to calculations by Forbes, King James would have accumulated 400 million dollars (372 million euros) on the floors, with the Cavs, the Heat and the Lakers.

But it is indeed its ancillary activities and its investments which would be worth to him to cross the course today. With a business nest egg estimated at 900 million dollars (837 million euros). ” Obviously, I want to maximize my business, and if I ever become a sports billionaire, then hip, hip, hip, hooray! I will be very excited “, he had trumpeted in 2014 in the pages of GQ.

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