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LeBron James ignites for Wembanyama



Like many observers, LeBron James did not miss a beat of Victor Wembanyama’s XXL performance with Boulogne-Levallois on Tuesday night in Las Vegas against the G-League Ignite. The “King” then qualified the young 18-year-old French nugget as “extra-terrestrial”.

There are eulogies that say a lot and are worth more than others. LeBron James’ compliments to Victor Wembanyama is one of them. Present in front of his screen to watch the match between Boulogne-Levallois and the G-League Ignite, Tuesday evening in Las Vegas as part of the Metropolitans tour in the United States, the “King” was left speechless at the performance of the little French nugget of 18 years old.

It must be said that Wembanyama did very well with a final stat sheet that would make you dizzy: 37 points to 7 of 11 from three points and 5 blocks. Dazzling, the prodigy released by ASVEL after a first season in the colors of the team dear to Tony Parker disgusted his opponents and impressed all observers. LeBron James is one of the already conquered. The NBA superstar even seems to already be a fan of the one who should join him very quickly in the Big League given his level and the future that is promised to him.

James: ‘He’s clearly a generational talent’

For the star player of the Lakers, the native of Nanterre is not a player like any other, he is a ” extraterrestrial “to use the terms of number 23, amazed in particular by the efficiency and ease of long-distance shots from the Francilien while this one is huge (2.23m): “I think the same as everyone else about him. In recent years, we’ve been introduced to everyone as “unicorns”, but he’s more of an alien. »

“Nobody, me first, has ever seen someone as tall as him be so fluid and graceful when he’s on the pitch. He has this ability to dribble, to take shots in step-back, to shoot 3 points in catch-and-shoot, to counter… It is clearly a generational talent”, James confessed to the press the day after the incredible performance of the four-time NBA champion. The second match between Boulogne-Levallois and the team made up of American basketball hopefuls will take place on Thursday evening. the “King” has already taken his tickets.

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