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Lego is building the Halloween gamer’s dream PC



The approach of Halloween gives ideas to Lego which has imagined the dream of all brick lovers who love to play the most greedy games!

PC gaming is an opportunity for customization fans to have fun. But this model built by Lego is truly exceptional! The computer is hidden in a haunted mansion full of incredible details. A dream for Lego fans and gamers alike.

20,000 bricks were needed to build this PC

This construction which opens in two to reveal its entrails has more than 20,000 bricks! There are figurines of witches, mad scientists, robots, creatures of Frankenstein, skeletons and other monsters of all kinds, but also a gigantic organ, all tangled up in an interior worthy of a horror movie.

As for the PC, Lego didn’t care about the world: after turning it on by lowering a gargoyle figurine, it reveals all its power with a Core i9 12900KF processor, an RTX 3090 graphics card and a system custom of liquid cooling in which bathes a giant spider! And of course, light effects can highlight all these elements with Halloween sauce.

© Lego

There’s even an internal display that shows GPU and CPU temperatures, as well as information on memory usage and CPU capacity. The tower, monumental, propels a configuration with three monitors capable, according to Lego, of rolling Crysis. And probably other very demanding games! On the other hand, it is difficult to envy the person who will have the heavy task of cleaning this PC…

© Lego

Unfortunately, Lego does not plan to market such a monster, it is a unique model. But maybe it will give ideas to players who have boxes of bricks under their bed… As for those who would simply like to build a gaming PC without bothering with Lego, there are many solutions that are probably cheaper.

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