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Lego-style Super Smash Bros is coming soon to consoles



LEGO announces that its fighting game Lego Brawls is moving from Apple Arcade to home consoles.

It is well known, Apple Arcade games are very often exclusives, which do not reach other mobile media than iOS devices. And yet, the titles that appear in the Apple catalog can sometimes be offered versions on consoles and/or PC, as is the case with Lego Brawls. For those who don’t know this title, it’s a game Super Smash Bros. in which players fight against each other in an arena.

Nothing really revolutionary in terms of gameplay so, LEGO Brawls allows you to choose your favorite character from a large selection, and take advantage of his special moves. The strength of the game is its ability to personalize unique to the LEGO universe, which relies on fully customizable outfits and appearances. The sets are also very specific to the franchise.

In terms of gameplay, you can of course start battles against your friends, but also against players from all over the world if you are a fan of challenge. You can also battle solo or as a team, giving players even more gameplay possibilities.

On consoles within a few months

Only a month after the release of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on many mediums, LEGO Brawls is also available on consoles. Fans of this kind of game will therefore be able to get their hands on it on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch this summer.

No specific date has been announced for the moment, so we will have to wait for further news before rejoicing completely. We are not immune to a postponement until then. At the level of the content itself, it is not yet known if the game will be exactly the same as on Apple Arcade, and even if it will support cross-play between all the aforementioned platforms. We know, however, that several

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