The leaders of the Warriors have shown magnanimity. While the preparation for the NBA season is in full swing, the California franchise had to manage a serious incident between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole. Indeed, during a training session, the two players came to blows and the latter received a punch. While the case was made public by the site people TMZDraymond Green quickly apologized and made the decision to withdraw from the Warriors, wishing to “give space” to his team and especially to his teammate. A dismissal that will not last long, however. Indeed, if the strong winger received a fine whose amount was not communicated by his leaders, the latter took the decision not to sanction him on the sporting level a few days before the start of the regular season.

The sanction against Green decided collectively

Without minimizing the importance of this incident, Steve Kerr confirmed this Tuesday to the press the content of the sanction affecting Draymond Green. “It’s the biggest crisis we’ve had since I’ve been coaching here,” said the man who is also the coach of the United States team. We’re not perfect but we’ll build on the experience we’ve had together over the past nine years and believe it’s the best decision for our team. During this press conference, Steve Kerr confirmed that the sanction decided against Draymond Green was the subject of an internal debate with the interested party but also all of his teammates including Jordan Poole, to whom the general manager of the Californian franchise Bob Myers was able to join. While the Warriors will open the 2022-2023 season with the reception of the Los Angeles Lakers on October 18, the Bay Area franchise intends to leave this affair behind.