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Lessons learned from the war in Ukraine | The Canadian army wants to procure new equipment



(Ottawa) The Canadian army is rushing to buy new equipment, having learned lessons from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Commander of the Army, Lieutenant-General Jocelyn Paul explains that it is a question of buying in particular anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, as well as protection systems against drones.

Paul adds that the Canadian military also hopes to purchase the kinds of long-range precision missile systems that have given Ukrainian forces a distinct advantage over their Russian enemies.

These new weapon systems were not part of the Liberal government’s defense policy when it was released five years ago.

Lieutenant-General Paul explains that the need for such equipment has arisen as the Canadian Armed Forces have been closely studying what is happening in Ukraine since February.

However, many of Canada’s allies have come to the same conclusions and are preparing to buy the same thing, which poses a challenge for their acquisition, Paul said.

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