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Lexus | The RZ launches the electric future of the luxury brand



A few months after the unveiling of the very first electric model in Toyota’s history, imaginatively named bZ4X, it’s now Lexus’ turn to embark on the adventure. The Japanese automaker’s luxury brand unveiled its RZ 450e last week, a compact SUV that takes the basics of the cousin by applying an extra layer of refinement.

At first glance, this RZ visually seems to share nothing with the bZ4X. To settle any presupposition of badge engineeringthis make-up allowing the same model to be sold under several brands, Lexus wanted to cultivate its own stylistic language here.


The 2023 Lexus RZ 450e is 14 cm longer than a Lexus NX and has strong oblique features.

The oblique lines are thus very present, as well as the hourglass grille that Lexus has been adapting for years already. But, electric requires, the latter is less insistent visually to ensure the most airtight front possible in order to increase autonomy. The vehicle is also 14 cm longer than a Lexus NX, a gain largely attributable to the longer wheelbase.

All-wheel drive and more power

To cement its more upscale positioning, the Lexus RZ will only be offered with all-wheel drive obtained from the concerted work of two electric motors. Producing 150 kW at the front (201 hp) and 80 kW at the rear (107 hp), they advance a greater cavalry than that of the bZ4X without venturing into an overstatement of power.

This contained gain makes it possible to carry a smaller 71.4 kWh battery and maintain an estimated range of 360 km. It’s not extraordinary, but the brand could attract its share of customers conquered by this prudence which makes its reputation in terms of reliability.


The interior of the 2023 Lexus RZ 450e

The e-TNGA platform is provided here with passive shock absorbers that mechanically adapt to the undulations of the road. So, no possibility of adjusting them from the cockpit. The strut front and multi-link double-wishbone rear setup is nothing short of conventional.

The interior, for its part, is resolutely Lexus with a mixture of physical and tactile keys. The infotainment screen used, rather imposing, is placed at an angle towards the driver in a block that incorporates the ventilation nozzles. The software, recently launched in the NX and LX models, is cloud-connected for constant updates.

The Lexus RZ 450e will go on sale in Canada later this year.

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