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liven up your evenings with friends with this novelty!



Netflix’s catalog of games is struggling to find its audience but the Red N is not giving up and is adding this cult party game.

If you are good at guessing and want to use this talent to shine in society, this is the game for you. A stroke of luck for Netflix subscribers, the famous Heads Up! adds to the growing list of the service’s video game catalog. With this new kid, laughter is guaranteed for your future evenings. This title is not a novelty strictly speaking, but its Netflix version has the merit of differing from the original version available on smartphones since 2013.

For those who don’t know this title, Heads Up! is a guessing game where you have to find the word that you hold at the level of your forehead. Nothing too original, but the pace of the game as well as the quantity of categories available offer endless replayability. Netflix obliges, this special edition comes with its set of cards on the theme of the different red N licenses. Stranger Things, Bridgerton or Squid Game, everything is there to test your memory and your deduction skills. If you’re more into looking at other types of work or lack your knowledge of pop culture, don’t worry: a whole bunch of other categories are waiting for you.

This version includes a package of decks accessible without additional purchase unlike its original version. However, all categories that specifically refer to non-Netflix licenses are missing here, even though the deck “Fictional characters” makes it possible to guess icons from all walks of life.

Netflix bets on games

This new Netflix service set up in November 2021 continues to perfect its catalog without convincing the crowds. Indeed, Apptopia revealed a few weeks ago the catastrophic performance of the digital toy library. And yet, the streaming platform does not intend to stop there.

This 28th game added to the catalog is one more step towards Netflix’s annual objective to enrich its offer. The streaming giant announced last April that it intended to reach the symbolic mark of 50 games by the end of 2022. With regular additions, this goal will not be difficult to achieve for the Red N, but it the platform also needs to captivate more players. It would be a shame to miss nuggets like Before Your Eyes Where Spiritfarer while they are available in the palm of your hand and at no extra cost…

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