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Make way for readers | Your favorite apps (or not!) at the grocery store



We published a report this week presenting some applications to save at the grocery store. Many readers have written to tell us about their experiences and warn us about certain charges. Here are some of the testimonials received.

FoodHero and flash food

After registering for FoodHero, I made a small command to check the operation. Everything is fine and the products are very good. But there was a surprise, a service charge of $1.80 + the two taxes on each order… So you have to think about it beforehand and make the largest order possible to maximize the transaction. I find this practice a bit exaggerated, especially when you consider the incredible profits of grocery stores and the fact that we are made to pay to take advantage of the discounts.

Re flash food at Maxi, this one is completely free and works well too, but there is a disadvantage for me: I have to travel 30 km from home. On the other hand, I have already realized $1570 in savings in a few years.

Jean-Marc Labarre, Saint-Isidore

Personally, I use two applications: flash food as well as FoodHero. I would say that the two applications are complementary: FoodHero offers several types of meat, prepared meals, fish, etc. In short, anything that can be frozen. The other will offer fresh perishable products (and non-perishable, but more rare): cheeses, chicken pies, cans of vegetables, coffee, etc. However, I frequently encounter errors with FoodHero : products not available, error in the preparation of the order, etc. Also, this app charges a fee of $1.79 per order (so if you order from three different stores, that’s considered three orders…not ideal if you have few items). Finally, with FoodHeroyou have to wait for confirmation from the store before picking up the order, whereas with flash foodI can, when I am already in the store, see if there are products that interest me and pick them up directly at the exit.

Michel Plunus, Drummondville


I use the app Reebee for several years already. I’m not one of those who analyze flyers to prepare my menus, but I use it mainly to find discounts based on my current needs. I need ground beef? Go on, Reebee, tell me where to find the best price. Because Reebee has a very efficient search engine and the savings can be substantial. Not only for groceries, but also for a multitude of businesses: pharmacies, hardware stores, stores, etc. In all, nearly a hundred flyers. So I don’t care anymore.

Sylvie Lefebvre, Saint-Charles-Borromee

Another advantage of the app Reebee is to be able to easily benefit from savings by presenting the discounts of the competitors with this App, in the businesses which agree to match the prices of the competitors (for example Maxi). This avoids having to visit several shops to take advantage of the best prices.

Richard Carlesso


I use flipp for several years. There are all the circulars, no need to dig further. What I like the most is finding where the best discount is. Example: do you want tissues? Well, you write in the search line “Handkerchiefs” and the application will list all the prices of the handkerchiefs in the different stores; and it’s good for everything, not just groceries.

Lucie Lajoie, Pointe-Claire

My strategy to reduce my grocery bill by at least 25%: 1- Use the app flipp on my cell phone with flyers to find the best discounts; 2- Be flexible on the choice of fruits and vegetables; 3- Buy as far as possible only what is on discount in large quantities; 4- Store non-perishable products and freeze meat; 5- Buy from Maxi and have the prices adjusted to those of the competitors at checkout by presenting the application screen flipp or paper flyers to take advantage of the best prices without having to visit all the grocery stores.



Yuka is a free application for analyzing food products and cosmetics, by reading the barcode. We explain the evaluation of each product in a detailed sheet. For example, why is polysorbate 80 added to some ice creams while others do not contain it? Did you know that this ingredient is suspected of disrupting the intestinal flora and increasing the risk of autoimmune diseases? Also, what you put on your skin might surprise you. Take a few moments to check your products at the grocery store and at the pharmacy. You will be amazed!

Jean-Claude Beaudry, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts

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