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The Canadian just lost. Air known. In extension. It’s almost good. Martin St-Louis arrives at the press briefing. He takes a sip of canned water, while a reporter formulates the first question. It’s about the controversial goal that gave the Dallas Stars the win. Response from coach :

“It’s not a decision that I like, but in my young coaching career, you have to respect it a little, so I’m going to leave it like that. »

The journalist pointed out to him that he retired to the locker room as soon as the goal was scored, without waiting for a possible review. He smiled, closing his eyes: “Yes, I was told to go back right away, I went to the bench and I saw him on TV… These are things I learn as a coach, You have to be careful not to leave the bench too soon. »

He chuckles a little. Journalists, too.

His predecessors presented themselves to the press as one presents oneself to a colonoscopy. The broom tight, eager to get it over with. Not him. He settles there, with all his style. You want to talk about game ? That’s good, me too, that’s what I want to talk about.

This attitude is so good. Because he doesn’t talk about it game with only a few scribes, he tells his vision to thousands of fans. Who love hockey as much as he does.

The chatter continues. He is asked about Brendan Gallagher, who returned to the game, after leaving it, in small pieces. One more time. St-Louis praises the combativeness of the veteran: “He’s a guy who is very uh… tough, as they say, whether it’s injuries here and there, I’m not surprised that Gally came back. And I’m not surprised by the energy, and the… the… the toughness? »

He turns to the vice-president of communications, Chantal Machabée, as he does each time he struggles to find a word in French. St-Louis was born in Laval, but his entire adult life has been spent in the United States. In English. He would have liked to stay here, but the Canadian found him too small. So he became a Hall of Famer somewhere else. He could therefore finish his flight in the language of Michael Rousseau, without being blamed. Well no, he has the courtesy to insist on finding the right word, in the language of those he is talking to. He has the humility to get help from the VP, in the shadows, to his right. It’s super charming. And that says a lot about the nature of this man.

When he was appointed interim coach on February 9, CH was a dead team. Soulless. Without identity. Atrocious to watch. He completely transformed her. Overnight. She started counting. She doesn’t win all the time, but she never quits. However, they are the same players. But they are all at their best. Yes, thanks to the arrival of a single man. He’s not called a saint for nothing!

What is the secret of this unexpected success? A word. TRUST. How do you say, Chantal? TRUST. That’s trust. The little guys no longer believed in themselves. And now a leader pulled them up. Because trust is contagious. And Martin St-Louis inspires and expires confidence. That’s a lot of droplets in the air.

Not false confidence. Not the overblown arrogance of haughty athletes, which only masks their lack of confidence. Not conceited confidence. No, the true humble confidence of the guy who has nothing to hide.

Little Martin had no choice but to trust him, because everyone else doubted him. There’s no place in the NHL for 5’8 on skates. All these denigrators had it on their noses like a Roman leaning towards Asterix. A Stanley Cup, an Olympic gold medal, a World Cup, three Lady Bings, two Art Rosses, a Lester B. Pearson and a Hart. What confidence can do.

And to go directly from coach from pee wee to coach of the most prestigious team on the planet, you have to have a surplus.

Whether you like hockey or not, take inspiration from Martin St-Louis as coach of life. Want to improve? Want to progress? Be the best version of yourself, as they say on Instagram? Trust yourself. Stop criticizing yourself. Stop diminishing yourself. It will just make you worse.

And you want your child to improve? That he progresses? That he becomes the best version of himself, as they say on TikTok? Trust him.


Cole Caufield, March 15

A few weeks ago, Cole Caufield was no match for the National League. He had to be returned to the minors. And now it’s on fire right now. He no longer hesitates. He draws his shot with lightning speed. He trusts himself.

That said, trust has its limits. Even if Michael Pezzetta trusts himself, in the extreme, he will not score 50 goals per season. But he will provide his share. And that will be it.

The press briefing is almost over. A good word for goalkeeper Jake Allen, before leaving:

“Not much happens by chance in life. Unless you take Lotto 6/49. The rest is all the time decisions you make. Jake deserves everything he has, because he works hard. »

One coach of life, I tell you.

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