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Marvel is aiming right with this new project which pays (very) big



The new goose that lays the golden eggs from the House of Ideas is performing impressively on smartphones.

marvel snap proves once again that card games can be surprising commercial successes. However, to impose itself on a market dominated by Hearthstone, Magic or Legends of Runeterra, difficult to impose itself as a new challenger to the height. Never mind, Marvel finds the right recipe thanks to the genius of Ben Brode, the father of playing cards at Blizzard. This new title designed for mobile platforms has obviously found its audience as evidenced by its statistics.

As usual for smartphone games, made an inventory using data provided by Appmagic. Since the release of marvel snap on October 18, no less than 14 million players downloaded the title. This impressive figure for the newcomer has also allowed him to generate monumental income.

The community has already spent $30 million in just two and a half months. The US market brought in the vast majority with $17.5 million. Then comes Korea with 2 million, then Japan (1.4 million), Canada (1.2 million) and finally France (915,000). The game has been able to establish itself in many territories and even convince French players who have risen in this ranking of expenditure. But then, is this the adventure marvel snap worth the detour ?

Fast, simple and efficient

The gameplay of the game is summed up with these three words. The title achieves the impossible by adapting the charm of card games that are often too long in a much more concise format. Games last 5 minutes on average with only six roundsbut still manage to increase the pressure and the strategy in such a short time.

No question of attacking your opponents’ cards. To achieve victory, you must take control of two areas by placing cards of higher value than your opponents. Map and terrain effects will put a spoke in the wheels, enough to increase the stakes in just a few rounds.

The game does not force the expense, and the majority of microtransactions are for purely cosmetic purposes. If you love card games but don’t have enough time to invest in this time-consuming pastime, Marvel Snap is a nugget to try urgently !

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