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Marvel is already saying goodbye to its MMORPG project



While Marvel was to have its own online game at DC Universe Online, the project crumbled like Thanos.

If you dreamed of embodying your own superhero in the Marvel universe, know that your hopes are unfortunately dashed. The online role-playing game project inspired by the worlds of Stan Lee has just been officially canceled by its development studio.

Daybreak Games is best known for DC Universe Online which then allowed get an idea of ​​what might have been in store for us in a potential Marvel MMO. Jack Emmert, a veteran of superhero games was also at the head of development. This new title could very easily have been established as a spiritual sequel to City of Heroes which had delighted aficionados of superheroes and online games in the early 2000s.

He is there, then he Nebula

The game was just announced last November, but it’s already been shelved. The project was large, perhaps a bit too large, and the studio therefore preferred refocus on other priorities.

Indeed, the announcement of this cancellation indicates that the project presented “risks in terms of its development, the size of its investment and did not fit into the long-term strategy of the studio in terms of portfolio”. Daybreak Games then seems to have realized a lack of potential for the game in the future and that continuing its development would not be the best strategy for the studio and the creative process of its employees.

At the time of its announcement, we learned that the budget of the game was to reach more or less 50 million dollars, thus proving the caliber of the future title. Eventually, this money will be redistributed for the smaller projects the studio is already working on, like The Lord of the Rings Online Where DC Universe Online which remain their spearheads.

Failing to be entitled to a new MMORPG, the Marvel universe will soon introduce its very first card game inspired by competitors like Hearthstone Where Legends of Runeterra.

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