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Mass Effect 5 won’t be released for years… and that’s good!



While some studios are in a frantic race to release and make their games profitable as quickly as possible, others seem much less in a hurry… and we can thank them.

For many years now, fans of the legendary saga Mass Effect are chomping at the bit while waiting for the fifth opus announced in December 2020. The least we can say is that the developer Bioware has been particularly discreet about the progress of the project. In a recent press release spotted by Gaming Bible, the studio has just announced news that can finally be considered significant: the game has officially entered the development phase!

But as much to say it immediately: no question for Bioware to pour out. Those who were expecting a grand official presentation will be disappointed. The studio also takes the opportunity to announce that we should not expect new information with a certain time. ”It will be some time before we are able to talk about this in more detail”, warns Bioware soberly.

On the one hand, the first hour fans will probably be disappointed to learn that the development has only just begun while its predecessor was released in… March 2017. Because this inevitably means that players will have to take their troubles patiently a some time before discovering the landscapes teased in the first image unveiled in November 2021.

An extremely ambitious project

It starts with the fact that the Mass Effect are traditionally very ambitious games. An observation that applies as much for the pure technical aspect as for the narration and the game design. But with a title of this caliber which is already positioned as a potential blockbuster, it is a titanic task that awaits developers and artists.

Plus, it’s an acclaimed franchise that holds a very special place in the hearts of many gamers. Especially among science fiction fans. Many of them were also slightly disappointed with the 4th episode; even if it is overall a very good game, its main fault is above all not having done as well as the 3rd opus, which is still today one of the best rated games in history.

The stakes are therefore considerable; for all these reasons, Bioware has no interest in rushing, and it is well aware of it. So don’t expect to see a Mass Effect 5 arrive for several years. A situation that one could imagine disappointing for aficionados… but there is also a second, more positive reading of this situation.

Quality over quantity

Indeed, this philosophy is far from trivial in the current landscape of AAA games. By allowing itself the time to set up a project that lives up to its reputation and above all is likely to meet the colossal expectations of the public, the studio also reassures players about the quality of the finished product.

And the least we can say is that it is a very strong message in the actual context. Because for a few years and a fortiori for a few months, the most referenced players in this industry have not really shone. There have been a few exceptions such as the sumptuous Elden Ring; but in a few months, we have also witnessed some resounding disasters, culminating in the catastrophe Battlefield 2042 (see our test).

And very often, these failures have a common denominator: time. Many studios have shot themselves – or downright a missile in the case of Dice and EA – in the foot by wanting to release games that are too ambitious too quickly, often under the guise of hateful commercial maneuvers based on pre-orders (see our file) .

It is therefore reassuring to note that Bioware apparently does not intend to join this race for development which has seriously tarnished the reputation of certain studios. Most players will therefore probably have no problem taking their troubles patiently, provided the end result is worth the detour. We therefore give you an appointment in a few years to see if Mass Effect 5 will do honor to its illustrious predecessors.

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