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mercedes | The AMG ONE sets a record on the Nürburgring Nordschleife



Presented to the world in the form of a prototype at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017, the Mercedes-AMG ONE had to wait no less than five years for the production of its 275 copies to begin. The pride of the prestigious brand, this supercar is powered by mechanics directly borrowed from the world of Formula 1. It recently confirmed that its performance promises are anything but sham.


The Mercedes-AMG ONE on the demanding 20.8 km German track with more than 170 bends.

On October 28, the manufacturer decided to chase the lap record of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the demanding German track of 20.8 km composed of more than 170 turns. With DTM Championship driver Maro Engel at the wheel, the car clocked 6:35.183s, slashing an impressive total of 8s from the previous record for a production car despite a partially wet track.

This extraordinary time was possible thanks to the use of a huge amount of carbon fiber, from the chassis to the entire body. Its rear mid-engine is the same 1.6L turbo-hybrid V6 used in Formula 1 and throttled to 11,000 rpm. It produces 1,049 hp and all-wheel drive is included to ensure greater stability. Of course, active aerodynamic elements make sure to keep the car well on the ground, even when it reaches 352 km/h at peak speed.

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