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Microsoft sees life in pink with its new controller



Microsoft presents two new colors of controllers for its Xbox Series X / S, including one that should have pleased Edith Piaf.

As usual, Microsoft regularly renews its range of accessories for its consoles, and this is still the case today with two new colorful controllers. After a bright yellow and a red camouflage, the Xbox Series X / S controllers are now adorned with a candy pink color, and a green tartan pattern. For the moment, only the pink controller is available for sale.

This is based on the most recent model of Microsoft controllers and features a very pleasant bicolor. The whole front face is completely pink, including the joysticks, except for the directional pad and the ABXY buttons which are black. On the back, the controller is white, and on the top, at the level of the triggers, it is black. With its more elaborate color than the other controllers presented so far, the Xbox Series X / S Deep Pink controller is slightly more expensive.

She is currently displayed only on Microsoft’s US site, priced at $64.99. And if that design still isn’t bold enough for you, you’ll surely want to try your luck at winning this Tartan pattern controller, specially created to celebrate 20 years of Xbox in Scotland.

Designed in collaboration with a craftsman specializing in kilts, it contains the 3 flagship green colors of the Xbox brand. The artist even went a step further, affixing a tartan fabric made by Lochcarron to the controller, and didn’t just print a design onto the plastic. If you touch it, you will therefore have the impression of having a real kilted controller in your hand.

However, the French players who can obtain it will surely be counted on the fingers of one hand. This controller is part of a limited campaign, only available in the UK. If you live in one of the countries of Great Britain, do not hesitate to follow the Xbox account and to retweet the message above to try your luck.

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